In all situations except for busting, after the dealer has opened the second card and, if necessary, has drawn the missing cards, it is possible to determine whether the hand has won or not. Bets are paid to players instantly, and the losing bets are taken by the casino dealer. In this case, the dealer must name the winning and losing hands. Once the game round is over, the dealer collects the cards from right to left and places them in the discard rack. After that, a new round begins.

How do I calculate my winnings?

Don’t panic, you don’t have to do complex mathematical calculations in your head for each bet – everything is calculated automatically and displayed on the screen.

Unlike roulette, each bet in blackjack is considered separately in terms of payouts. Therefore, you can determine your winnings by following simple rules. For example, if a player wins with blackjack, then the payment is made according to the scheme 3 to 2. Let’s say the bet is 1000 rubles, then the player’s winnings will be 2500 rubles (1000 bet and 1500 net winnings). Side and side bets in Live Blackjack and payments on them

What happens if you play by strategy?

Absolutely nothing! Since you are playing online, the use of strategies cannot be tracked in any way. You see what is happening at the table, and the dealer and casino manager are not able to watch your game. All that is available to them is your bets and decisions.

To reduce the house edge, use the basic strategy table, card counting, and other techniques available. There are a lot of options, for more details, see the section on blackjack game strategies.

What if there was an error at the table?

As in a land-based casino, mistakes are possible in games with live dealers. For example, the dealer started collecting cards from the wrong end of the table, dropped the card on the floor, and so on. An error can occur not only through the fault of the dealer, but also for technical reasons.

To minimize such errors, dealers are trained while the software used during the game is tested and updated to make the game even more comfortable. Just as it is impossible to predict the outcome of the game, so it is impossible to avoid all mistakes. To solve them as quickly as possible, providers and online establishments have developed quick problem solving systems.

Each live dealer starts his 20-minute series of games by swiping a special key card over the reader. Thus, managers can follow the work of each dealer, track the speed of distribution and the actions of the dealer. If a critical situation arises at the table, the manager immediately knows where it happened, after which he approaches the table and solves the problem.

Usually, simple mistakes such as a wrong deal or an uncounted card are solved simply – the round is canceled and the bets are returned to the players. On the other hand, if the failure occurred through no fault of the dealer, then it takes more time to resolve: here three parties are involved at once: the casino, the provider and the player.

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