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Numerous theories exist as to the history of our Thomson Clan in Scotland. The tartan displayed on this website is the plaid worn by the MacTavish  Clans today. The name MacTavish [son of Tavish] originated with the Gaelic Clan 'Tamhais', whose forefather was Taus, or Thomas.  The motto of this branch of the Thomson Clan is particularly appropriate for a website dedicated to remembering and documenting all the members of our clan.

To date family researchers have succeeded in documenting the relationships between 4 of the children of an unknown Thomson who had either migrated to or was born in the American Colonies in about 1670.  Family stories still repeated today support the belief that this Thomson Family immigrated from Scotland.

It is well documented that Joshua, Peter, and Aaron Thomson were siblings and existing records as well as geographical location, family ties, and names strongly suggest that Moses Thomson was their younger sibling or perhaps a cousin. DNA testing has linked Moses Thomson with Thomson lines with patriarchs named Alexander, James, John and William who can all be found in Pennsylvania or Delware by 1750. This documentation has primarily been found in records at the Chester County Archives in Pennsylvania and through the Family Tree Maker DNA site.

Since their arrival in the American Colonies some of the descendants of these early Thomsons particularly during the years of the American Revolution added a “p” to the spelling of the family name.  This additional spelling of Thompson frequently causes confusion when members of this family are researching their specific family line.

In creating this website it is our goal to connect with more descendants of these known Thomsons as well as their yet to be discovered siblings. It is also hoped that through this website and sharing of information we will eventually successfully document the parents of our known Thomson/Thompson families.

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“Do not forget me after death”

    Non Oblitus

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