C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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The purpose of this Website is to serve as a resource for collectors, scholars and students.  The contents are intended to provide an in-depth introduction to the many facets of the life and career of Kansas born and based artist, C.A. Seward  and to the Prairie Print Maker organization which he played the key role in establishing in 1930.

Sources: It is the express purpose of this website to provide the most accurate information for the use of art historians, scholars, and collectors. To achieve this, we have used only primary and secondary sources including personal interviews, letters, family papers, news clippings, and past and current publications to accurately document the early years of art in the Midwest.  Of particular merit have been personal recollections of four Charter Members of the Prairie Print Makers, which were recorded and documented in the early 1980s during the preparation of The Prairie Print Makers, the recognized authoritative work on the organization. In our continuing research, we are still finding publications and websites which contain inaccurate history, particularly regarding the formation of the Prairie Print Makers and the involvement of individuals cited as founding members of the organization. Any scholar seeking the most accurate information on this topic should work with caution in this area, and we encourage anyone who may be reproducing any of this information to feel free to contact this website for a thorough discussion of the facts.

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The Prairie Printmakers - this section includes  a history of the organization, biographies of the 10 Charter members, the Gift Prints commissioned by the organization as well as information about the 125 known artist members.

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Thank You to all of the many scholars, librarians, museum curators, print dealers and family members who contributed to this website. We especially thank the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum for their many contributions. (www.wichitahistory.org)

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